Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chemo Brain(s)

I don't know what day it is. A side effect of chemo is called chemo brain. You feel like you are in a fog and your short term memory is iffy at best. Of course it applies to the patient but I imagine that I have chemo

brain as well. Since Tuesday, life has been a blur. We have been back to the clinic every other day including yesterday, (picture above).
In between we have received many gifts: cards and letters and a box of English chocolates, chocolate chip cookies from Arizona, a "believe" rock from my sister in Redding, English tea and maybe I will remember more later. Thank you everyone!

Ron is considering growing a beard. I am considering shaving my legs.

Until next time.


Unknown said...


Be strong and focused (as much as your brain can be thru all this!). I know you can do it! Your little guys are here on the sidelines rooting you on and thinking happy thoughts for you! Take care of yourself-we want to see you on the field in a few weeks to watch the boys...they miss you!

Anonymous said...

Ron I know you have got the best wife who is looking after you has good as any nurse you also have friends any famaily and soon your mum dad and your lovley son will be with you to take soom of the load off Pattys shoulders. we know you will beat it all your family and frends in the UK are with you till you beat this love you sweetheart mumand dad x x

Larry said...


Michelle is considering growing her hair out just for you! Can't wait to see you out and about again, we need to have a few pints. You're a guy that brightens the world with your smile and ever-witty comments. Be tough!