Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I spent a couple hours with Ron while Patty was at work tonight. We call it Chemo-sitting. Sort of like babysitting. I was given a list of instructions and shown where all the important phone numbers were located in case of emergency.

Before Patty left she said, "If Ron gets the hiccups give him a a hiccup pill right away!" (Of course I was going to follow the instructions or be part of barf-o-rama part 3. Ron slept most of the time then he got up and we talked for a while then he Hiccupped!  Yikes!! I ran to the kitchen to look for the hiccup pills, I grabbed one and some water and told him to take it...The funny part was that Ozzie the evil 3-legged cat jumped on the coffee table and started pushing the pill with his paw and trying to drink the water from the glass,  The hiccup was a false alarm... He was fine and for the rest of my stay we had a nice time watching TV.
I am glad I was able to help out. And hope the worst is over for now.

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