Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meeting the Oncologist

On Monday, June 13th (not Friday ), we met Ron's oncologist. The dept. is on the 3rd floor and all the windows look out into the tops of trees. If that isn't surreal enough, the waiting room music is the earthy/zen/sounds of the ocean/massage therapy type. (which is fine because we are hoping for a "happy ending".)
I was excited to see that the psychiatry dept. is conveniently located in the same wing....just in case either of us needs some couch time.
The appointment lasted over an hour and we met Dr. L's support staff.
Mary was with Ron and I to assist as a stenographer and to ask any "missed questions". ( there was marked disappointment on her face when Dr. L said he would not be writing a medicinal marijuana Rx for Rons' support team.)


Mary Ann said...

Ha Ha you are funny... But it would have been even funnier to go to the "dispensary" and buy some weed or "baked goods" as the doctor put it...for Ron who has never probably seen it in real life!

KristenHunter53 said...

Hey I am up for baking...! I do seem to remember years ago.... someone putting it in pasta sauce... needless to say... everyone ate it all.

KristenHunter53 said...

Pasta sauce too... works great... don't ask... former life... my husband of years ago his favorite.