Thursday, June 30, 2011

Needing Each Other

Yesterday was our 9 year wedding anniversary. I remember my "bridal registry" and the fun of picking out our "forever" items. This year, I will be registering Ron's tumor with Johns Hopkins Pancreatic Research Study. One thing they are studying is a possible hereditary link in pancreatic cancer patients. The form is probably 12 pages total so it will take some focus....maybe tomorrow.
On our wedding day, we promised..."in sickness and in health". So was it tempting fate? Maybe the vows should be, "in health and in health". Why add a negative to such an important day??? Something to think about.
We need each other either way- but yesterday was just a little better because Ron was feeling better...keeping his food...drinking his decaf tea..and taking his anti nausea meds on time...he needed me a little less.
I decided to go to work for a few hours because...we need a paycheck...well actually At&T, PG&E, and BofA need my paycheck.
So I am at work but really needing to be home. I know Ron is stable, but we need each other. My job has allowed me to keep my cellphone on while I work and that is a big help. As it turns out, Ron did call me at work last night with an urgent matter.
"Honey, I just had the runs, should I take a pill?" Of course we take a moment to relish the hilarity but diarrhea and chemo is very serious....In the end, we decide to wait on the anti diarrhea pill.
It's good to be needed.
Kneading is optional. At about 2 in the morning, our fat cat Ozzy, decided to hop on the bed and start kneading my blanket with his paws/claws. He loves my fluffy blanket and he needs to knead but I need my sleep. So that really needed to stop...I nudged Ozzzy over to Rons' comfy blanket....because we are in this together...we need each other.
Happy Anniversary.

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Mary Ann said...

you are so funny but true!...