Monday, July 11, 2011

Bag Lunch

Sunday we decided to go to the clinic for a "bag lunch" (IV liquids, nausea meds, and pain killer).

The prior two days were rough and Ron was dehydrated. The weekend clinic nurse remembered Ron from his last visit and took good care of him. Mary came to sit with him while I went out to get a caregiver lunch and some Maltesers and soup.

Ron was able to eat his soup at the clinic. He was so happy to taste "real" food again. When we got home he finished his soup. The IV nausea meds seem to work better than the pill version. We watched a DVD I picked for Ron-Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. There was a shot of her in a bikini....she is one of Ron's "star crushes". So at least he had sweet dreams instead of nightmares last night.

Today is Monday. I feel like I am always a day behind lately. Oh well, perfection is overated. Today's goal: feed Ron.

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