Monday, July 25, 2011

The British are coming....

Ron's family will set out on their way tomorrow morning. My go0d friend Patty is a flight attendant for Continental. She will be facilitating their journey. During the summer European flights are usually full and expensive so Patty is using her flight benefits to get Ron's parents, (Florrie and Denis) and son, (Jamie) here. We are not exactly sure what flight they will be on or when they will arrive because it depends on seat availability. I know Patty will take good care of them and if any extra "spirits" are available, I know they will be put to good use!
I am busy getting "Hotel Chell" available for our guests. The big bed went into the "little room". One of my neighbor's loaned us a twin for the littlest room and the cats have been sneaking in and sleeping on both of the newly made beds... I have the #1 tea in England, PG Tips, in the tea canister and some fancy tea cups for Florrie. Ron is sensitive to strong smells so I have an excuse not to clean and dust.....hahahahaha...not exactly. My Mom has volunteered to help with some last minute cleaning details. I am sooo thankful!

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