Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chemo Session #2

Today, July 5th, Ron has his second session of chemo. His blood tests were "good" meaning nothing out of the ordinary for a cancer patient. He is not anemic and his white blood count is still in the "good" range. The Doc has suggested a new pill for nausea. It is called Emend. Mary went to the pharmacy with our coupon for a "free" trial. Actually, she had to go to a second pharmacy because the first one did not have the medicine in stock.
Another new pill.
Seriously, pill maintenance is becoming a part time job.
I have a pill organization system: pain meds, poop meds, nausea meds and the hiccup meds are in their own section...as well as the caregiver meds...
Ron has just finished watching a streaming soccer game on the laptop and is dozing while a second set of IV chemo meds are hung on the rack. This time, the chemo mix will not be as strong and the nausea meds will be stronger. We have a standing order to return tomorrow and the next day for an IV of fluids to prevent dehydration. I have a freezer full of my Mom's homemade soups. I feel a little more prepared.
I do need to get to Cost Plus for his favorite British candy, Maltesers. They are like malted milk balls. He has already consumed the toffees from his last care package....and I didn't even help...
His weight today is 160.6 pounds with his shoes on. He has lost 3lbs in the past couple weeks. I picked up a book today called, "Eating well Through Cancer". There are a lot of good recipes to help fatten him up.
If I can just find the energy to whip them up...
I'm going to break now to find a spoon so Ron can eat his peaches...probably will still have another 2 hours here at the clinic.


Unknown said...

Hi Ron and Patty!
Think about you everyday! Been enjoying the Women's World Cup and getting ready for a new season with Hannah here in Livermore!

I want to stop by this week, my Real Estate office is only about 2 miles from you. Talk soon....


KristenHunter53 said...

Ron and Patty,

Thank goodness my work has a computer in the break room! Now I can read the updates!
Ron I am so glad you were able to eat your 'fav" sandwich!!
My days off next week are Thurs/Friday.
Love you both to life!!