Saturday, July 30, 2011

Race Day

Ron and Ethan had a great day at Infineon Raceway on Friday.

( A big thank you to Infineon and Robin from Livermore Chevrolet ! )

Ron was nervous about being away from home since he has a slight case of "hermit-itis" (A condition we made up to describe how, after a while, you are afraid to leave the house when you have been sick. You become a Hermit.)

He is now in remission from his "hermit-itis" and it seems his stomach enjoyed a day of first class eating while dining in the Presidents' Suite.
He worked at sampling each selection and even having seconds!
They both had an amazing day and Ron is now more confident that he can be "away from home" so he can go to a soccer game or the record shop.

"Infineon and Beyond...."
He is having a rest now and watching the Manchester United game. His Mum is busy baking lemon tarts...Jamie, Denis, Ethan and I are sampling the baked goods to make sure they will be "good" enough for Ron! After multiple samples....Ron will need to wait for another batch.

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