Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday Bag Breakfast

Yesterday I was worried about dehydration and Ron's heart rate so I asked the nurse. His heart rate was 105 yesterday. She said it was ok, but 120 is a problem.
So this morning....his heart rate was 120. When your body is dehydrated your heart has to work extra hard to get your body going.
Away we went to the clinic for his "bag breakfast". His weight is still 152 with his shoes on. The nurse wanted him to take off his shoes but we always weigh with shoes on and I did not want Ron to see his weight go below 150.
We are crossing fingers and toes that food will stay in his body today.
So far he has eaten a piece of toast and half a banana.
He is looking forward to mashed potatoes and a little bit of gravy later if all goes well.

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