Saturday, July 23, 2011

to blog or not to blog

last few days have been emotionally tough.
Ron is doing better -but we both want him.... all the way better.
his recovery from chemo destruction is slow and we just want the "old, capable Ron" back.
he is not strong enough for a short walk and always worried about whether his last meal will make him sick.
and so we are reminded of when our cat had his leg amputated. Ozzy's
"cat brain" is not big enough for worry, pity, depression...he just wanted to get walking again on the 3 legs so he could get to the food bowl and his favorite napping spot. In less than 30 days, he was going up and down the stairs and doing all the things he did before.
Ron's "big brain" may be getting in the way...

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KristenHunter53 said...

I know it is hard to find the time to blog Patricia...I hate to text you feel like I might be bothering you. I am off Thursday... need any help..leme know. Love you both