Tuesday, August 2, 2011

from race cars to emergency vehicles

...yesterday we saw the doc because Ron had an unusual "new" pain in his lung. It turns out that it is a blood clot on his lung. The doc wanted him on a blood thinner so I headed to the pharmacy. Our first choice was not in stock so -on to the second choice. Fortunately for insurance we didn't need to pay the $4000. for 30 days of medicine.
I learned how to give a subcutaneous injection. "Hold it like a dart and stick it straight in." Oh, first I had to find some belly fat ....on Ron...(that's not easy these days.)
We thought the problem -or side effect was controlled but at 3am Ron awoke to excruciating pain again.
Pain is always scarier in the middle of the night. Calling 911 seemed the best plan.
So Ron had his first and (hope) his last ride in an ambulance. The ER started pain meds immediately to ease Rons' discomfort.
Oh whoops...YES...blood clots are a side effect or "common" for cancer/chemo patients.
...a whole day has nearly passed...Ron was admitted to Washington Hospital and has had pain meds every three hours since 3am. His family and I are taking turns at the hospital. Mary volunteered for 8pm to 11pm and I will take the night shift.
sleep well. tomorrow is a new day.

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