Friday, August 19, 2011

NDNU Alumni Game

Ron's Social Calendar:
Saturday August 20, 2011 12:00 pm-?
NDNU Alumni Game -1500 Ralston Ave. Belmont

If all goes well, Ron is planning on attending the game tomorrow around noon. He is a little nervous about how much energy he may have. I will have to manage his pain without putting him to sleep...Don't worry, I fixed the DroopyPants situation with a smaller size of sweats.
He really wants to be there to see the teams and sit on the field in the sun again. Please be patient with him. He still has a little bit of chemo brain and some words come slower than others. The universal language of love and hugs should cover the gaps.
Also, he may be in a "wheelie" just to save his energy...not his favorite thing of course but in the game of life as in soccer-you have to be able to adapt.
His nurse even recommended a cane for short walks. That went over with a grumble. (It doubles as a microphone for Karaoke Night.)
We look forward to seeing you on the field!

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