Thursday, August 25, 2011

Use your words...

Ron received a beautiful handwritten letter from his goalkeeper last week. She wrote from her heart, a letter that all of us who love Ron, will cherish. She spoke of Ron being her "Father away from home", while she was at college...and how Ron has motivated her in the past 4 years.
Using your words. priceless.
Yesterday I received a text message from my niece. She wrote," Today we practiced diving for the ball and I did really good! My soccer coach said I am the best goalkeeper he has seen. Please tell Uncle Ron. I know it will make him happy."
Using your words. priceless.
Two days ago I received a "form letter" from the HR department informing me that my health benefits would be cancelled if I did not get my average hours up from 17.25 to 17.3. The report was run on August 1st, the letter was dated August 16th, and I received it August 23rd. That left me 5 days to work 56 hours.
My health care benefits end 9/30.
Failure to communicate will cost me $780 per month in Cobra payments.
Because now would be a really bad time to be uninsured...
Using your words. Timely Communication. priceless.


KristenHunter53 said...

I texted you my thoughts Patty... and I had another idea... would the soccer kids be willing to do a car wash to help out? I would be happy to organize it.. what ya think? I have seen this done when people are in need... so lets do it.. what ya think?

KristenHunter53 said...

I am asking facebook to help out...all of our RFL family can help out too...let us love you and Ron... love to you both... Kristen

Rempfer Pack said...

Kristen did a great job sharing on Facebook. Sorry this is how I found out, but glad to know where you are. I literally was thinking of you an hour ago! What do you need? How can we help.

Love you!
Mellissa (white) Rempfer

Synnoveah Cooke said...

Kristen let me know of your stuggle with Pancreatic Cancer and it hasn't been too long ago that a friend of mine died the same thing. I wish for you much more success, I know this one can be a tricky one. Some grow slowly and some not so slow. I hope the best case scenario for you and will send up prayers and tug on the fabric of potentiality.

Synnoveah Cooke