Monday, August 8, 2011

Visiting Hours and more

Here is a snapshot of Ron's Soduku Inspired hospital gown. You don't know how hard it was for me to refrain from getting a sharpie and filling in the squares. He would not have noticed because his pain meds. provided him with a 24 hour "magic carpet ride". He has enjoyed "opiate inspired" music for years and now he has experienced ...the ride.
Back home he just gets the regular pain pills.

If you want to visit Ron at home, the best times are:

In the morning between 9am and noon
Or, in the evening between 3pm and 8pm
Just give me a call and I will make sure he is up to it,
Last weekend when Ron went to a soccer game, I took his family to visit Mission San Jose and the Olive Hyde Art Gallery. The picture above is of Ron's parents next to the "fine art"....
Last week was tough especially since he had just had two great days...He has been taking it easy since coming home from the hospital. Last night he and I watched 5 episodes of Repo Man. I don't know why but it always cheers us up!
A couple nights before, we watched a 1966 episode of Batman. It was funny when I said, "I used to watch this after school". Then Ron's son Jamie said, "I used to watch it after school too." and Ron said, "I ALWAYS wanted to drive the batmobile!"
So of course now I am on a mission to find a batmobile...all things are possible.
Our friend Kristen has found one in North Hollywood. She is in contact with the owner and we just need to work out logistics.
We have a doctor appt. tomorrow to discuss the rapidly dividing cells...and Ron's pain which seems to have increased significantly in just one week. Chemo is really the best option to "retard" the cancer...but I just worry that the side effects will be too harsh for Ron's body to handle. The only side effect we might welcome at this point would be diarrhea...since Ron's bowels are locked up tighter than a ....well you know...

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KristenHunter53 said...

I have all the info Patricia... just need to get Airline tickets donated or gas cards for you to drive... keep me updated. I am going to talk to Southwest and Virgin Atlantic about donating tickets... I hear Virgin might be a real good prospect... I will let you know...