Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming Home

Denis and Ron having a beer on the patio yesterday. Ron's ashes will be heading home to England on Saturday. His urn was custom made (Made in America) by Richard. It was handcrafted from a piece of 100 year old pine. Then it was stained and varnished by my Dad. I know Ron would appreciate the craftsmanship and the fact I made my Dad "align" the four screws.

Today Ron's sister and Mom are busy making floral arrangements for tomorrow. After Costco, Safeway, Lucky's and the Flower Shop, we may have the right mix of flowers!!!!
I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and hearing Ron's jokes and stories and sharing his "magic". Though Ron was a sentimental guy...(we cried during Hallmark movies together), he would not want a day of grief and sadness. I know there will be tears (mascara is a bad idea) but I am hoping that when the tears dry, we will be able to "refill" ourselves with the joy, humor, and magic that Ron gave to us each day.
Until tomorrow...

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