Sunday, November 13, 2011

surgery date

I have my surgery scheduled for later this week.
Tomorrow I will give blood and have it "typed" just in case I need blood during the surgery. ( I actually don't know what my blood type is.) I have my Will and Health Care Directive in place just in case...These are all things one should do even if you are not having surgery so I guess it is a good thing. I am slowly moving forward but it seems like the world around me has moved "fast forward" while I have been on "pause".
This weekend I went to a wedding reception. The groom was a waiter at my wedding to Ron. It was his first job. He was a teenager. All of a sudden he is grown up and married.
Last weekend my high school friends and I got together. My friends' daughter has started her first year in college. It seems like just yesterday...she was my flower girl at our wedding...she was so excited to wear a dress and a tiara! Where did the time go?
Well I know that daylight savings took an hour from us...but really where has the time gone?

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