Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yes Ron you are a teacher

Ron Chell
My role model is Ron Chell. He has brought out a love for soccer more than anybody could have ever. Ron all ways told us to try our hardest. He taught a lot of things to me over the 2010-2011 season. Ron had a lot of fun things for us to do, but we had to work for them.

Ron was also a responsible person. If he said we would play this game he kept his word. He never lied to anybody on the team. We could tell him anything and if we didn't want anybody to know, he wouldn't tell.

He had a lot of self discipline, when he would demonstrate a drill to us he tried his hardest. When ever we played a game and we got into arguments he tried to settle it fairly. He never blamed one thing on one person, it was nobody or the team.

Even though Ron Chell has passed away from cancer, he is still my role model.

This is an essay written by one of Ron's younger players.
Thanks little guy.... you made our day. We know our Ron will always be teaching us lessons in life.

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