Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chemo Day

We arrived early and got to "pick" our chair based on the best view out the window. Ron was nervous going in so I "slipped him a mickey",
otherwise known as lorazepam. It helps with nausea and has a calming effect......He was relaxed by the time the nurse was ready to "access his port" and start the meds flowing.
Bag after bag got hooked up, he even got a bonus bag because he started to feel sick. I had a trash can ready and his aim was exceptional. After 6 hours his bags were drained and they connected the "take home" chemo.
It came with its own hazmat kit.
He was a little wobbly so the nurse helped us to the car and he headed toward the drivers side.This worried the nurse because she thought he would be driving home...I explained the whole British backwards cars-Ron sometimes forgets what side is for the passenger- and she was relieved! We are home now. He is exhausted and still a little wobbly.
He has fallen asleep in his new (used) recliner.
Today we believe we are fighting the cancer.

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