Tuesday, June 21, 2011

not just a hiccup....

So, as we embark on a mystery tour of chemo side effects...Day 1 presents hiccups.
Of course I have read the playbook and don't recall hiccups to be an opponent. Surprise!
A quick online search links Ron's "take home chemo" and a combination of nausea meds to cause hiccups.
I tried the listed remedies; breathing in a paper bag, plug your ears and sip water, a spoonful of sugar, and lastly sucking on a lemon.
Enough!! I called the on-call oncologist and as we spoke, Ron yelled, "Get the bucket..fast". The Doc could hear Ron filling the bucket and agreed to call in an Rx.
Never mind. The barfing cured the hiccups.....or was it the sugar?lemon?
He is resting again, watching Magnum PI on RTV (retro tv).
Hopefully a peaceful sleep soon.

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Mary Ann said...

Dr. Oz was just talking about hiccups last night, he said gargling for 5 minutes is a remedy. Hiccups are caused from the powerful muscles in the diaphragm pushing the lungs. Glad he found relief, I bet Dr. Oz doesn't know about the chemo/bucket filling method! ew.....