Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thank you Chair Fairies

After another night of Ron having t0 sleep on the sofa, I decided I needed a better solution. (If Ron isn't sleeping...I'm not sleeping!)
I have watched him try to get comfortable by wedging pillows all around him and even using my favorite stuffed animal for support. An overstuffed recliner would be perfect. (You know, the kind your Dad has.... ) No sooner had I sent my sister a text message with my request...along came the "chair fairies" to deliver Ron's new recliner. Well, let's say it is gently used. He is already busy making his butt print on the seat cushion. Hopefully our cats will not assume it is a new scratching post!
Thank you Chair Fairies!
Happy Fathers Day: Denis Chell and John Dougan. We love you.

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