Saturday, June 18, 2011

Confidence: Ron and Hannah

Yesterday, after receiving his "chemo binder" in the morning, Ron had a visit from one of his goalies'. It did him good to talk about one of lifes' most important

When Ron first started coaching Hannah, he said to me, "she has everything a good keeper needs; height, agility, passion....she just needs a little confidence."

(and of course, after spending time with Ron, she has confidence.)

Confidence can be fragile when challenged.

Ron is in a goalbox ready to be pummeled by chemo.

He has everything it takes to be a survivor;

strength, sense of humor, and passion.

But, we are scared.

His anxiety medicine should be dispensed in a "twin pack"-one pill for each of us!

I guess I will read the playbook (chemo binder) and study our game plan. Ron will be the first patient in the chemo lab to have the "new mix of four"....


Mary Ann said...

Can you make it a six pack?

Jeanette F. Arizona said...

I'm with Maryann , 6 pk 12 pk , a 40 oz of whatever !!-- !! Love , pure and sincere to both of you! You are an amazing inspiration -- Ron, can I borrow some wigs ? Wanting to try a makeover for a while !! Jeanette

Rik Walters said...

Thank you for posting this about Hannah! Her love and respect of Ron and his amazing instruction is the only reason that Hannah went from Backup Goalkeeper, to starting Varsity Goalkeeper in 2 short years. God's speed today and through this week. See you soon my friend. Your pal ~ Rik