Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chemo #2, day 2

Today we returned to the clinic at 11:30 for what was just to be an IV of fluids. But unfortunately Ron was really nauseous from the day before so the doc decided to give him another medication to help him feel better. It seemed to be going well...Ron was watching a soccer game on the laptop and I was decorating his barf bucket with some sharpies that the nurses loaned me...and then...return of the hiccups. I gave him a pill but it didn't seem to stop them. The IV anti nausea med started to make him sleepy and he was still hiccuping...I brought him home and he fell asleep while hiccuping. I woke him 3 hours later and though the hiccups had stopped....they started again!
It is now 10pm and Ron has slept most of the day and I anticipate he will sleep well tonight.

Tomorrow we are due back at the clinic at 1:30 for another IV.

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Mary Ann said...

Who decorates a barf bucket? Can't help but laugh..