Friday, July 8, 2011

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday we returned the "take home" chemo and Ron had an IV of fluids. He was still pretty tired and rested/slept most of the day.
That whole concept is hard for him...he is used to working in the morning and then heading out to coach in the afternoon.
Today, 4am, started out rough with mystery abdominal cramps. I went to my ever growing first aid kit of medicine and started handing him pills..."this is for nausea, then gas, and a couple pain pills". It is 11am now and the pain is gone but he still feels fragile.
When will we know? After Ron's third chemo session, the doc will run a CT scan to see if we are making progress. (Probably around the beginning of August.)
I am trying to encourage him to drink liquids...but even water tastes bad and I haven't been able to make his tea "just right" yet. When his family comes in a few weeks, I will gladly pass the tea-making to his Mum.
until tomorrow -

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