Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chemo gets a Yellow Card

Yesterday we met with Ron's oncologist and it was unanimous-Super Chemo gets a Yellow Card. We are going to take a couple weeks off to regroup and get Ron's digestive tract working again. Then if we decide to start chemo again, it will be the original chemo protocol for pancreatic cancer. Ron's weight dropped to 153 last week and constant dehydration was causing his blood pressure and heart rate to be erratic.
He is slowly getting better. The chemo kills all "rapidly dividing cells".
Your digestive system, stomach, etc. are made of rapidly dividing cells, so Ron's stomach is a "war zone".
Our focus moving forward is pain management,food management, and waste management. We have eliminated peaches and vanilla yogurt from both our lives ffffffffffforever. (bad barfing experience for the participant and the bucket washer.)
We are heading back to the clinic for another bag lunch today.

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