Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hallmark Moments

We cry a lot lately. And toilet paper will dry your eyes as well as Kleenex. Why do you need to inventory both products.? For that matter the sleeve of my hoodie is soft against my nose.
We have experienced a lot of "Hallmark Moments" this past month. Each day we receive cards of encouragement from near and as far away as England. Though Ron has been away more than 10 years, he left his mark on many lives in England....just as he is realizing the many lives he has impacted here.
Today we had a cry after Ron received a phone call from a parent of one of his college players. She told him that HE was the reason her daughter was still playing soccer. It was a happy/sad cry of acknowledgement. I reminded him how nice it is to hear those words while he is opposed to it being said at a memorial service. We have received other notes telling Ron about the impression he has made on children's lives.
He is coming around to the idea that he has "made a difference" on the field and off. No doubt we will be needing more tissues in the future. I may even break down and buy a box of Kleenex.
A small miracle happened today. After one month and about 9 phone call requests... trying to upgrade my AT&T television programming. It finally happened! Now Ron can watch soccer, Repo Man, Bonanza, Top Gear, BBC News, and I can watch the Kardashians!
On a bio note, Ron has still been barfing. When will it end??

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