Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Elephant in the Room

Transitioning to Hospice Care has been pretty smooth. All medications are paid for- absolutely no copay. Unlimited Enemas! I am able to consult with a nurse 24 hours a day...and they expect the calls.
We have received all kinds of essentials. I mentioned the cane before, we also have a walker, a camode, and my favorite: the oxygen thing. The thing pumps oxygen to keep Ron comfortable. But geez, it's so loud! It's like a HEMI engine idling all night. I think Ron thinks he is at Infineon Raceway or something. And the nurses are like...."some patients find the noise relaxing."...
Uh. No. It's loud. loud. loud. Quit trying to sugar coat it....Design something that Really does sound relaxing...
And now for the Elephant. When Hospice comes, they inevitably leave behind the "Elephant in the Room." You don't know it's there at first because you are distracted and focused on other things. But then it starts...I call it the "When-Elephant" or the "How Long-Elephant.
It is human nature to want to know the answers, I understand.
Just please know that I am not feeding the elephant.
The reason is that I have already been "fed" three "Whens" by the Doctors and Nurses. They have all proved to be inaccurate.
This game is between Ron and his referee.
Coaching from the sidelines....is as always...unappreciated.
Sorry P.E.T.A. the elephant in the room will not be fed.

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