Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our Incredible Ron

Every day at some point Ron says to me,"You are incredible."
He thanks his Mum and Dad for being here and helping and Ron still "takes care of us".
This morning he told his Mum to go back to bed and be with Dad. He had a hard time falling asleep at 5am, so Florrie and I held his hands and massaged his legs and heated up his warming blanket for his back pain. He eventually got to sleep at about 6:30am. At one point he said, "This is my damn house, Why can't I fall asleep??"
He is handling his situation with amazing courage and grace.
As you know. ..He is Our Incredible Ron.
He is sleeping more and using the oxygen (aka "the thing") more. His right lung has been impacted by the cancer and his left lung had the blood clot a few weeks ago. Today I told him some good news. He doesn't need the blood thinner injections anymore! So we deleted one medicine but added a new one for his "nerves". The opiates -pain meds -are building up in his system and can cause agitation and confusion.
We keep him calm by listening to the music channel on the tv. Today is "Smooth Jazz".
When I turned it on, Dave Koz was playing, "Anything's Possible". That made me smile.
Thank you everyone for the little and BIG things you are doing for us these days.
Today we received a gift basket with begonias, chocolate, and steak and kidney pie! I'm pretty sure the chocolate is for me since everyone knows how I feel about the pie.
Ron will LOVE it though!!!
One last thing. I now understand the need for Kleenex. (See earlier blog entry.) I have been converted. I used to think toilet paper was enough. But now I see, it's only in the bathroom...and sometimes I cry in the laundry room, or the kitchen- so having a box of Kleenex in each room is gosh darn handy! Then again, it's a real drag when those tissues end up IN the washing machine and dryer....


portagee said...

All I know is that we, my family and I have been BLESSED to know Ron and his family. Ron has been an inspiration and will continue to be an inspiration. Our Prayers are with you all. Our Love are with each and everyone!!!

The Ochoa Family

Debbie said...

You are an incredible man, Ron...I knew that the minute I met you, 10 years later you are still the most wonderful and dearest friend. You have been the biggest supporter and best friend to Paul all these years and I long for the day when I can yell at both of you again to "GET OFF THE PHONE!" :)
Soccer games just are not the same with out the Paul/Ron hour re-cap... I miss that so, isn't that funny coming from me? I thought you would get a kick out of that one :)
You have always been there to inspire us, make us laugh, share your wisdom ( the world & soccer according to Ron), shot gun driver on soccer road trips, give advice and to always be the best loyal friend anyone could ever ask for...we are here for you always Ron, you are in our thoughts, prayers, and hearts every second of everyday and we are pulling for you...all things are possible, especially for an incredible man like you!

We love you,
Paul, Debbie And Courtney

KristenHunter53 said...

Seeing you and Ron yesterday... incredible to say the least. Thank you for letting me cook your pasta and do some things for you.
Ron.. seeing you touches my heart so very much. You are my inspiration and Patty.. you too missy. YOU do not skip a beat... always there for his needs. I will bring you more kleenex... I needed it too in the laundry room.... whilst I was jumping up to "reach" Talk later missy...