Friday, September 16, 2011

Remote Control/ I-Touch/ Tactile Universe

"It does everything but fly!" exclaimed Denis (Ron's father).
I had resisted ordering the hospital bed for Ron but has a remote control. It really does do everything to keep Ron more comfortable. He only needs one pillow now. Of course I did "Pimp his Ride" by adding blankets and pillows along the rails. Flannel sheets are on the way so he is surrounded by "soft".
The reason I did not want the hospital bed is because I did not want to be away from him at night. I am always holding his hand or touching his shoulder so he knows he is not alone. (I am typing with one hand now.)Ron has always been a "hands on guy"- whether he is giving a hug, or holding a hand, or patting you on the shoulder...It is important to make a connection...touching.
I am not ready for the world of "I-Touch"'s not a real connection is it? You touch but don't press...I still like feeling the keys and buttons bounce back after I have pressed them.
So anyway, I've got Ron's "new ride" pushed next to our bed and with some modifications I can still be close to him. I am playing some music from his vast collection while I type. Ron is sleeping now and free of pain.
Thank you everyone for your prayers. I do believe God is listening.

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KristenHunter53 said...

The ride looks great... and he does look a lot more comfortable. I love the music you have been playing... I will have to make a cd from Ron's favorite play lists!!
I love the way you intertwine your fingers with Ron as you sit with him... he knows it is you holding his hand, kissing his forehead... and being his loving Patty. See you later today.. Love you both very much.