Wednesday, September 14, 2011

my wish part 2

After my birthday post, I received the beautiful bouquet above, and started in on the chocolate covered strawberries from the edible bouquet...Today is my niece, Erika's, birthday. I spent some time with my family watching her tear open her gifts. She had a good year...pajamas, 'Polly Pockets, Sees Candy, socks with orange stripes, and cash....
It's hard being in the real world when Ron is not with me. He loves my Mom's family dinners and I really missed him not sitting in the chair next to me tonight.
The real world is hard. indeed.

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Mary Ann said...

We missed him too, but you know his spirit will always be at our table....Maybe one day Cierra or Erika will have a boyfriend who can eat as much potatoes and gravy as Ron LOL!!!