Monday, October 10, 2011

A Bad Apple and tennis balls

What if....? when Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, who found out he had pancreatic cancer in 2004...what if...he had chosen to go very public, using his status, and approximately 7 billion in net worth ( 9 Billion at the time of his passing.) to raise awareness and much needed funding for pancreatic cancer research? What if just $1.00 from every Apple product sold in the past seven years was given to research? There has been NO significant "life extending" research developments for nearly 40 years. Life expectancy for stage 4 pancreatic cancer patients is still only 3-12 months....only a 6% chance of living beyond 5 years.
Steve Jobs could easily have been famous for funding research to save the 44,000 men and women diagnosed with pancreatic cancer each year...and the IPOD!
what if...?
Bad Apple.
I'm not ok. I'm mad. I need to schedule surgery for myself. I have two, large fibroid tumors, literally the size of tennis balls...(it's not always soccer...) and they need to be removed. Recovery from surgery is six to eight weeks. Maybe the physical pain will overlap my emotional pain. I know I will not have to go through it alone. But I will have to go through it without my husband. I really am "just" ok right now. Tomorrow may be a better day. I never liked tennis!

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