Sunday, October 9, 2011

A thank you

Hi everyone, my name is Jamie and Ron was my Father. I didn’t feel able to speak at the service at NDNU, but I would like to say a few words on here in the hope that some of you who were there will read them.

It was fantastic to hear from everyone who spoke at the service and I’d like to thank everyone who had the courage to stand up and speak so graciously. It was amazing to hear how many people’s lives have been touched by my Dad in such a short period of time. The geographical distance meant that while I could hear about what Dad was up to over in the States, I rarely got to see it firsthand. I will always be proud of what he achieved, having moved to California not knowing what lay head.

While the speed of his illness was a shock, I am grateful I got to spend a few months with him and say some of those things that one might regret not being able to say to someone if they leave us suddenly. It was difficult being so far from home and friends, but so many people helped my Dad, myself, my grandparents and Patricia.

I would like to thank Patricia, who somehow had to cope throughout the entirety of Dad’s illness and looked after him so incredibly. I will never know how she did it and I’m sure her family and friends are looking after her now.

Also, I must thank Patricia’s parents, John and Margaret, as well as Mary and Ethan and the family, Cathy, Kristen, Marcy, Stacy, Vicky, Paul and everyone who helped in any way. I have more than likely forgotten to mention people and probably not spelled the names of those I remembered correctly! All these people did so much for my Dad and the family and helped us through difficult times.

It would be great to try to keep up with things over there, how the soccer teams are doing and things like that. If anyone would like to get in touch with me, my email is and you can use that to find me on facebook.

There’s lots more things I’d like to say, but there probably isn’t the room on here and us Brits aren’t very good at this kind of stuff, see “stiff upper lip” on Wikipedia... So I’d just like to say to everyone who knew my Dad, thanks for being a part of his life and he lives on in all our memories.


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