Friday, June 17, 2011

Ron's new look

So after hearing about all the side affects of chemotherapy, the best and worst foods to eat during treatment, what medications to take and when and how.... and talking to the wonderful nurse for an hour or so we all got a good laugh watching Ron try on hats! This is a furry hat knit by a 90 year old lady.. Patty says he looks like his Mom! What are your thoughts? Leave your comments.

Chemo starts on Tuesday. This is going to be a tough "game" for Coach Ron.   So please give Ron and Patty all your positive support and prayers, A good word, a favor , a card, a funny joke, whatever you can do. Also Ron is loving his new I- POD Touch, if you have a playlist or some music you think he would like lets figure out how to get it on his player...  make sure the lyrics are positive... don't need any more tears!!!


Rik Walters said...

I still like the Black Hat Ron!

KristenHunter53 said...

I thought...omg he bleached his hair!!