Friday, September 9, 2011

Biggest Get Well Banner EVER

Of course Ron would receive the Biggest Get Well Banner EVER. He is, afterall, our Incredible Ron. So incredible, that this banner is from a soccer club that he never even worked with...West Coast Soccer. How does he touch lives in a club he never worked with...he just does...Sara stopped by to remind Ron how much she loved talking to him as they set up their practice fields together...and talk they did...even forcing Sara to work a bit faster getting her field in order if their "talks" went overtime!

Speaking of talking...I just played out 5 messages from Ron's voicemail for him to hear. They all brought smiles to his face. Thank you! Of course I also put his best mate, Paul, on the phone for a recap of the NDNU game last night....(Those two have burned some cell minutes with their game recaps. Both Pauls' wife and I have had to put them on "phone restriction" at one time or another)

Ron was craving a beer yesterday and so I found him some Amber Odoul's which was quite tasty. And... I even got carded buying it at Target. This made my "vanity" day since I have a Birthday approaching this next week. I kid myself though because the cash register does the "carding" now. The clerk was even puzzled when I explained that it was Non-Alcoholic beer. Evidently there is 1% alcohol. Probably get more out of a good mouthwash. Which reminds me, it's 7pm...I haven't had a shower or brushed my teeth today. If I drink an alcoholic beer, will the alcohol serve the same purpose as mouthwash???

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Sara Girotto said...

It was really nice to pop in and see you Patty along with Rons parents. Ron is a very special guy :o)