Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm next to Ron, he is snoring, it is music above the roar, hum, and gurgle of the oxygen "thing". We adjusted his oxygen level to a higher flow this week. It does help to keep him comfortable. I have an extention tube attached because sometimes he likes to sit in the reclining chair across the room. Mostly though he chills in the bed. He is surrounded by pillows. We each take turns fluffing and arranging them to prop him up or get him comfortable for a nap. The abundance of pillows sometimes cause his feet to just touch the end of the bed. I am always throwing an extra blanket over his feet. His Hospice nurse Brian came today and as usual Ron has the best blood pressure in the house. We may add more milligrams to his pain patches today. They are 2 x 2 inch stickers and will pretty much cover his belly.
Ron is still Ron. He wakes up and chats away, then exclaims, "I am exhausted." And...then he chats some more.

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