Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Invitation to Celebrate Ron's Life

Please join us in celebrating the life of Ronald Denis Chell:

The Notre Dame De Namur University in Belmont has graciously offered the use of their Campus Chapel for Ron's service and Ralston Hall Mansion for the reception afterward.
The date was chosen with care to insure it did not overlap any soccer games...
Ron would have wanted it that way!
I am planning a day in Ron's honor...jokes, music, soccer stories, laughter...tears from laughing so hard at his stories...and all the love we can bring together.
Feel free to wear your team jersey or whatever may be ironed in your closet.

Date: Friday, September 30, 2011
Time: 2pm
Place: NDNU Chapel 1500 Ralston Avenue, Belmont CA
Reception: following the service, please join us at the Mansion for some "snappin" (Ron's word for food.) and beverages.
If you are unable to join us in the afternoon, we will be continuing an "Irish/British" style wake at the home of my parents Friday evening. Promising special whiskey, British beers, and more "snappin".

More info, directions, soon.

In the end, it is not enough to think that we know. We must live it.
For only by living it can Love show itself as the greatest principle.
Wu Feng


KristenHunter53 said...

Will be there for sure. I was able to get the day off.
Well since you said... "Ironed" ...lol I will iron a blouse or shirt...!! :)
Talk soon... love you Patricia!

Merri said...

I wish we could be there as soes Kassi. With us being out of the country and Kassi in Oregon its just not to be. We will be there in spirit and I do wish I could hear everyones stories about Ron..because we all have at least one or two..hundred. He was an amazing man. I just wish the good ones got to stay with us just a little bit longer <3