Tuesday, September 13, 2011

my wish

Ron had a great night's sleep last night. We woke this morning and he had a bath and I had a shower...before noon.
A perfect start to our day.
I tried really hard to let my Birthday slip by unoticed this year. However in our families...we have birthdays...no matter...
I already had my wish waking next to ron this morning, he smiled when I opened my card. My niece Erika came with a card and strawberry shortcake. My brother Joe arrived after work with my favorite sandwich from Erik's Deli. Marguerite sent an edible arrangement with chocolate covered strawberries. Marci brought 2 bottles of my favorite wine. My phone is lit up with birthday messages from my geographically challenged friends. Flo planted a hydrangea clipping that she has had in water for a few weeks. She is famous for "pinching" flowers and starting them from root. She has two green thumbs. Jamie also gave me a card complete with a naughty cat photo on the front. The rose bush Ethan planted weeks ago delivered one perfect rose. (pic above)
It looks like I am having a Birthday.
Good news though...thanks to the oxygen "thing" we can't have any candles!!!
I bought a new CD for Ron. It is George Winston piano solos. I have been playing the same CD for weeks so I am sure Ron will appreciate the change. He has slept most of the day today. He seems to be in less pain- maybe the pain patch is working with a side effect of drowsiness?
His NDNU team was ranked No. 2 on the West Coast and No. 19 in the nation. I can't wait to tell him when he wakes up.
I am not older. I am wiser.


Mary Ann said...

Our amazing Patricia

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Patricia :)

KristenHunter53 said...

I knew that your birthday would be celebrated... but I did as asked... kept it quiet ... which for me is a huge request.... as you well know... I am usually the one who will make a big deal for a birthday.
Having you wake up next to your sweet love.. was my wish for you... and that this birthday would be a great day all around. My wish was granted... love you both...

Robyn Joi said...

Well crap! I was one of those who wished you a happy birthday on Facebook yesterday. Ha! Well, that was yesterday and today is today. It's just a Wednesday, let's be glad in it "just because". Between Melvin and I, we think and mention you guys daily. Just know you both remain in our prayers and on our hearts on a constant basis.

Robyn Joi said...

I'm just realizing that you are probably wondering "who in the hell is Robyn Joi".. or perhaps mentioning Melvin was the tip off. *wink*